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Are We Being Censored into Silence and Political Correctness?

Joe Martino Co-Founder of Collective Evolution shares why facebook has censored information that is valuable for humanity and how the social media giant along with others, appear to be waging war again freedom of speech. The question that is on the lips of many is, are we being censored into silence and political...


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The 3 Personal Traps You Need To Escape To Build Your Best Life

We’ve all seen those motivational social media posts urging us to pursue our best life. But, let’s be honest here, what even is a best life? Here are the 3 personal traps you need to escape to build your best life. We all have different barometers by which we judge...
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A 162 Minute WAKE UP CALL

One of my all time favourite business coaches, businessmen, success development mentors who is the creator of the QLA (Quantum Leap Advantage) model talks about what it takes to achieve success in this 162 minute wake up call. Dan Pena is not for everyone. He is outspoken, ruthless, brash,...


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Your Beliefs and Habits Can Help You or Destroy You.

Grant Cardone talks about life success with Brian Rose of London Real and how your beliefs and habits can help you or destroy you. Your beliefs about your own abilities and willingness to do something that is important to you can either have an empowering influence or they can have...

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I Do Not Have Enough Money Right Now

Does this excuse sound familiar, have you used it yourself or heard someone else use it as a reason to not pursue a dream or an idea? I do not have enough money right now to live my dreams or to take that idea I have and make it a reality. This is a NO...
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The Life Ride of Illusion

Bill Hicks shares the spoken word the life ride of illusion where he talks... it's just a ride, life is just a ride. This is a wake up video from Bill, the life ride of illusion to serve as an honest view of the world we live in, and that...

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Never Get Sick Again

Wim Hof, popularly known as "The Iceman" because of his ability to withstand extreme cold, shows that exposure to cold, doing meditation and adopting a specific breathing technique, has proven that together, these three methods are a formula to ensure we never get sick again. Wim has been on a mission to spread the word about the impressive potential health...


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