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The Top 5 Dying Regrets

It is said there are only two guarantees in life, death and taxes. Whilst neither are welcomed with open arms, there is one in particular that no one among us, has any chance of dodging even with the most slick, creative and corrupt dandy highwayman accountant, or the benefits of an offshore tax haven.

Unless there is some scientific medical breakthrough that can miraculously make us immortal, us mere mortals, in time, will be faced with our own mortality when our time on earth is coming to a ceremonial demise.

The realisation that their life is almost over, causes people to look back at the life they once had and regret that they did not bring life dreams and life goals to a reality, and now have to accept that they will remain unfulfilled.

Research carried out by a palliative care nurse who cared for terminally ill patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives documented that many people on their death beds had not even achieved 50% of the dreams and goals they had.

But will you, when that time arrives, be embroiled with some of the most common regrets the dying face when you hear the tick tock tick tock of Mr Time?

By revealing to you these top 5 dying regrets, the hope is, that it will serve as a motivator and inspire you to live your life in a much more purpose filled way which will steer you into a regret free life.

Here in reverse order, is the Top 5 Most Common Dyings Regrets

Dying Regret # 5

I wish that I had let myself be happier!

It was reported that many did not realise that happiness was in fact a choice and that they held onto the safety of old behaviours, habits and the familiarity of their comfort zones. They had an underlying fear of change where they pretended to themselves and others that they were happy and content, when in fact they longed for a happier and more fun filled life.

Dying Regret #4

I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends!

Friendship was also high on the list, as many had forgotten the great benefits to having old friends in their lives until it was too late. Due to busy lives and being caught up in the daily grind, many had simply lost touch over the years. This left them with a feeling of regret as they missed friends and wished they had given more time and effort to these valuable friendships.

Dying Regret #3

I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings!

Many illnesses are caused by emotional suppression; as a result, many had developed health problems relating to the bitterness and resentment they carried. We can all have a tendency to suppress our true feelings when it comes to keeping the peace with others. Unfortunately the dying felt that they had settled for a mediocre existence and failed to become the person they were truly capable of becoming.

Dying Regret #2

I wish I hadn’t worked so hard!

This regret in particular was shared with every single male patient that was nursed. They felt that they had missed out on seeing their children grow up and also lost out on their partner’s companionship. Every male had a deep feeling of regret for spending too much time working. Although this regret was also shared by women, many did not share the same deep sense of regret as the men, as most were from an older generation and were not the breadwinners, so had more time with their children.

Dying Regret #1

I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me!

This, not so surprisingly was the number 1 regret of all shared by both men and women.

The realisation that their life is all but over, makes people reflect on their lives and see how many life dreams and goals they failed to make a reality. But most upsetting of all, is that most had not even lived half of their life dreams and goals and were left to die in the knowledge that it was due mainly to the lack of choices they made, and also deciding to not do something because of the the fear of failure.

Being alive and having relatively good health gives us all a freedom that few of us acknowledge and realise, until we no longer have it and it’s too late.

I can imagine that when faced with your last days on this amazing earth of ours, that regret, can be one of the most soul searching and at the same time, one of the most difficult feelings and emotions to accept as your dying thoughts. I can understand why the dying could feel they have let themselves and maybe even their families down.

I have gone through an exercise of putting myself in the position and thinking about how I would feel if I had not achieved, or at the very least attempted to achieve my life dreams and life goals and how I would feel knowing I could have spent more time with loved ones.

I don’t want to be left saying this to myself – “If only I could have my time again, I would do things so differently and live my dreams and live a very different life to what I have. I would take more risks and do what I truly wanted to do. I wish I had lived my life whilst I had the chance?”

Because knowing that you had your chance to leave behind your legacy – live an extraordinary life – do something amazing – live a dream – achieve life goals – live a life with purpose and passion, only to be left with feelings of failure, not living a life true to yourself and not having the courage and self belief to do all the things you wanted, could fill you with those final thoughts of regret.

I don’t know about you, but that is not something that fills me with positive emotions and certainly not something I intend to have to go through when it is my time to pass.

No human being should be left having to face their remaining time on this planet filled with life regrets and woes. Death should be a time of peace, positive reflection and being in the comfort of knowing that you lived the best life you could have possibly lived and given with all your heart to others around you.

Being clear of your life dreams and goals and having the courage to take inspired and consistent action towards them, will ensure you give yourself the best possible chance of living the life you dream of achieving and dying with little or no regrets.

“When faced with your life ending, you will never regret not having worked harder, bought the latest gadgets, spent more time in the gym or accumulated more stuff. But you will regret not having spent more time with family and friends and not leading a life that was filled with passion and purpose that reflected your true meaning and the person you really wanted to be.” – Rhys Morton-Ross

What are you going to do today and every day that will set you on your path to achieving the life your dream and desire?

If you do nothing else, make sure you are living your life dreams and get clear as to where you really want your life to be heading! What is your life mission?

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