How Gut Health Affects Your Brain and Wellbeing

How gut health affects your brain and wellbeing is a video that highlights how serious gut conditions are as they are directly correlated with poor brain health.

The gut brain axis is impacted in so many people. Most individuals are unaware of how gut health affects your brain and wellbeing. In addition, many believe that a gut problem exists only when they feel pain, which simply isn’t true at all.

Its important to understand that the mucosal lining in the gut and the brain do not have pain fibres. Therefore you have to look for gut and brain symptoms to understand if you have this problem.

If you have gut symptoms that include gas, bloating, constant diarrhoea, distention, food sensitivities, and pain after meals, then there is a good chance that you have an issue with the gut brain axis. Meaning your gut and brain are on fire.

The gut brain connection should not be overlooked as so many people suffer from brain disorders as a result of having a gut condition. Your gut and brain health rely on each other as they are so closely connected.

When we look at the gut microbiome and brain, people have found serious neurological conditions start to reverse themselves when the gut microbiome is balanced and functioning as it should.

Microbiome is the hottest area of medical research today with an entire video series created by Dr. Pedram Shojai founder of called Interconnected. This series talks with an interviews medical doctors, professors and health experts in the field of microbiome health or guy health.

The Microbiome is the vast community of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and other lifeforms that live in our bodies that are our friends. In fact, science has recently learned that we couldn’t even function without them. We need them just as much as they need us. This understanding changes everything. (Source; Interconnected Series)

“The microbiome is the next frontier in medicine. Understanding it and optimising it is going to be critical to solving so many of our healthcare issues.”

Mark Hyman, MD, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine

With the current challenges the NHS is facing, with budget cuts and staffing shortages at an all time low of 95,000, with estimates that if this shortage continues at the rate it is, by 2030, the NHS will have a staffing shortage of 350,000.

This is wake up call to us all, that the only way to see the survival of the UK NHS, is for us to take charge and be responsible for of our own health that will some of the strain off the NHS.


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