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If It Goes Wrong I Am A Screwed

In our featured series of excuses for not pursuing a life dream, passion, purpose or and idea, we continue with one of the all time favourite excuses… If it goes wrong I am screwed. 

If it goes wrong I am screwed..??!!! You what…! what kind of piss poor lame old piece of BS is that. How the hell do you know if you will be totally screwed or not? Oh wait, you’re a medium and have a crystal ball right?

You’re not even close to being screwed, the worst case scenario is that if things don’t work out for whatever reason, then you can always go back to doing exactly what you are doing right now.

In fact… thinking about it, if going back to doing exactly what you are doing right now means you’re screwed, then you screwed already, so what have you got to lose…? NOTHING!!

Unless you have a crystal ball, you have no idea how things are going to go until you start doing and taking action on living your passion, purpose and life dream. It’s perfectly natural to be scared of the things and dream you have that most excite you.

The key is to use the fear to propel you forward. To follow your fear and not fight against or avoid it. Learn to feel your fear, listen to it, understand what the fear is you have and trust what your heart is telling you and face it anyway.

One thing you need to accept and open your heart and mind to is this universal fact. There is no success without failure. Failure is not a bad word, or a word to be feared. The only thing you should really be afraid of is allowing yourself to be controlled by fear and doing nothing to make a dream or an idea a reality because you’re afraid that you might fail.

That to me is one of life’s greatest failures and tragedies, and something of a paradox, because what you are essentially saying is that no matter what you do  you will end up failing anyway – here is why…

By not taking action because you fear it will fail = FAILED

You have failed by default because you are not prepared to take any form of action and instead keep making excuses for why you aren’t doing it.

If I take action, and it fails I’m screwed = FAILED

Stop being such a pessimist, you are already admitting defeat because your mindset is approaching it from a thought a process that once you take action, things are not going to work out so you will give up and end up screwed.

You are shooting down your dream or idea before it has even had the chance to take off, you are not even giving it the chance to move on down the runway.

Either way you have failed, but you increase your chances of success when you take action on something. By doing nothing you are always going to get 100% failure rate. Inaction does not give very good odds to achieving success.

But what if I told you that your success could be 100% GUARANTEED..!! Would that assist in helping you deal with and overcome your excuse of “If it fails I am screwed”?

All that is required is a mind shift on how you look at failure, then use it to your advantage, it’s that simple.

I would highly recommend you watch this video of Jeb Corliss and extreme sports athlete

No one is suggesting for one minute that you stop doing what you’re currently doing, that would be crazy, but what we are saying is that you should start taking steps to making whatever it is you want to do a reality.

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

Michael Jordan

Rhys Morton-Rosshttps://www.inspiosphere.com
Rhys is the founder, marketing manager, and idea generator for INSPIOSPHERE. He is responsible for dreaming up new ideas to create environments that both inspire and empower young people to tap into their spiritual power of knowing their life calling that paves the way to their limitless potential.

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