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I Do Not Have Enough Money Right Now

Does this excuse sound familiar, have you used it yourself or heard someone else use it as a reason to not pursue a dream or an idea? I do not have enough money right now to live my dreams or to take that idea I have and make it a reality.

This is a NO BS zone.. so here is the brutal truth on this corker of an excuse, I do not have enough money right now to live my dreams or make my idea a reality.

Listen I joke because I care, I really do. It really does frustrate me when I hear someone use the “I do not have enough money to do it” excuse, that it makes me want to grab hold of them by the scuff of the neck and and swiftly slap them repeatedly across the face in the hope that it will shock them out of their self induced BSE Coma (BULL SHIT EXCUSES)

When I hear people use it, they say it with such conviction and veracity, they have literally convinced themselves that it really is a sound reason to not pursue a life dream or some big idea they have to create something that could be or real value to their life and to other people.

Even if they said “I don’t have the money right now, but I am working on it..!” at least that shows they are trying to do something about it and are not completely detaching themselves from the dream and giving up on it, there is still a beating pulse of life with the dream or idea they have.

When you use the money excuse or lack of, what you are actually saying is that you place more value on the need of money than you do of the need to actually achieve the dream or idea..!

I know only too well that we all need to pay bills, mortgages, rent, home internet, tv subscriptions, food bill.. you get the drift.

Here is the thing, whatever your dream is, just start it with whatever you have right now, start working on it. Just do something about it, because if you are going to let a little thing like money stop you, then I have a news for you. Even if you had money, you will hit other obstacles and challenges and are just as likely to make another excuse for not pursuing it.

If you are going to stumble at the first hurdle concerning money, then you are not going to overcome the other challenges you will be faced with along the journey of pursuing it… that much I can tell you.

If you need more money then do something about it, there is always something you can do to generate the money you need, you just have to get creative. So what if it takes you two years to do, or even four, who gives a shit, being patient and knowing it will happen in 2 years or more. At least you will get there in the end which has to be better that not doing it at all right?

Here is an example of something I did when I wanted to go to Nepal and trek to Everest Base camp, which had been something I really wanted to do since I was about 19, as climbing and mountaineering is another great passion of mine.

Back in 2006 I returned to the UK after living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for four years. Returned to the UK after another business partnership I was involved in went south.

I returned with very little money and had to move back in with my folks in Woking, Surrey. I wanted to take some time out and decide what I was going to do work wise. So I decided instead of rushing into something for all the wrong reasons, like I had always done before, that I was going to go to Nepal and visit Everest base camp and pay my respects to Sagamartha (Nepalese name for Everest) and see in flesh so to speak, of what I was going to take on before I climbed it.

So I decided that I would raise money for a couple of charities Woking & Sam Beare Hospices and the The British Heart Foundation in the process.

Take Action & Get Creative

To do this trip, I needed money for return flight to Nepal, accommodation in Kathmandu, return flight to Lukla, lodge stays on route and a guide possibly even a porter, plus additional spending money costs. All in, this investment was going to be around £1,500, by planning this trip myself.

Now, at the time, I didn’t have £1,500 to spare for this, but rather than give up and say “I do not have enough money to do this.” I said to myself, what can I do to raise this money.

“When you ask yourself the right questions, the answers will come to you from within.”


The answer did come, in the form of a promotional leaflet that I created to promote my challenge and the Charities locally. I also used this leaflet to sell advertising space to local businesses which would help to cover my costs for the trip.

I sold 12 promotional ad spots to local businesses for £250 a piece to appear in 10,000 A5s promotional leaflet that were distributed around Woking, Weybridge & the Guildford areas.

This one idea of selling ad space to local businesses raised a total of £3,000 which not only covered my costs for the trip, but also covered printing and delivery costs.

But here is the thing and what can happen when you simply take action on an idea and dream you have.

Just by doing this one promo offer, I got invited to appear and be interviewed on three local radio stations, featured in local papers, secured a business sponsor who as luck would have it, offered to sponsor my entire trip in exchange of… absolutely nothing!!!! they just loved what I was doing.

I also managed to get a local web development company in Woking called 3Wise Solutions who kindly designed and developed two websites for me absolutely free of charge RhysMorton & Steps2Everest. To this day I am very grateful for everyone who took part and offered their generous support.

The biggest thing of all that came from this was a project I started called Steps2Everest. This was a trip I planned and organised to take a group of youths to Nepal to take on the challenge of trekking to Everest Base Camp and raise money for charity. Collectively the youths raised over £20,000 for the two charities mentioned above.

All this from just one dream and one idea. It amazes me even to this day the momentum that can happen when you take small simple steps on and idea, especially when it’s something that comes from the heart. It seems to take on a life of it’s own and connect you people that are willing to help.

So the take away here is, just start and take baby steps. Don’t be foolish and assume that you must have a certain amount of money saved right now, or that you must quit your day job today in order to pursue your dreams. Instead, ask yourself, “What actions can I take today, with the money and resources I have right now that will bring me closer to my desired goal of attaining my dream?”

Just start with what you have right now… the lack of money should not come at the expense of not pursuing a dream or big BOLD ideas.. NO WAY… that is just OBSURD..!!

Do not wait. The time will never be just right. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.


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