Today I am going to cover another of the top excuses that destroy life dreams. This one is the excuse… I am not smart or good enough and is # 3 in our featured article… ‘Excuses That Destroy Life Dreams’ 

For a while I used a similar excuse of ‘I am not ready yet, I don’t know enough.’ which is just the same as saying I am not smart or good enough. I believed for a long time that I couldn’t possibly set up a personal development business because I didn’t have my own life sorted out and was still trying to discover my own life purpose and passion, so how could I possibly give value to people.

The thing is that none of us are ever truly smart enough because we are on a life journey, we are forever learning new skills and understanding life a little better. Don’t ever think for one moment that being on a road of learning and filling that void of knowledge is a barrier and an excuse to not pursue your dreams, purpose and passions.

You can act on what you know right now, the rest will come to you as you move forward and learn more, you will hit obstacles, you will make mistakes, but they are all teaching something that is of value and becomes the knowledge you once lacked.

Using your knowledge or rather lack of, as an excuse to not pursue a life dream, is a void that can only be filled with the knowledge that is accrued from taking action.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because there is no avoiding them no matter how smart you are. If you wait until you think you have everything you need and the knowledge to do it, you will be waiting forever.

I AM are two of the most powerful words. For what you put after them shapes your reality.

Just make the decision to do it now, because you are already thinking about it now. That fact you are thinking about it now, means you have everything you need to get going with it and start taking action, anything else you will need will come to you at just the right moment. stop saying I am not smart or good enough because it is not serving you and is just stopping you.

Now think about it: If I was to listen in on your self-talk, would I hear statements that empower your personal growth and happiness, or would I hear ones that destroy it?

If the truth be known, if you really want something and I mean, really want something, you will go after ot no matter what, you won’t use excuses or try and find reasons not to do it, you will find a way.

Here is to taking action and moving forward with your life dream, passion and purpose… NO EXCUSES


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